Atlas Adjustment

Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive, and highly precise method of adjusting the cervical spine.

Unlike most chiropractic adjustments, this unique technic does not involve any twisting, or aggressive manipulation of the head and neck. Rather, a light percussion force from a highly specialized instrument, delivers the necessary energy and at the correct angle, determined by Dr. Rathbone’s calculations.

For most patients, results are often observed immediately.

Dr. Rathbone combines the best of traditional chiropractic treatment, with new innovative tools. For low back treatment, he as observed great results by using a drop pelvic or a side posture adjustment. This is a less aggressive approach, and most patients respond very well to this treatment.

In addition, Dr. Rathbone may choose to treat with the activator and the newer impulse adjusting technique, to safely and effectively achieve positive results.

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